Friday, August 8, 2008

"Our tragedy and God's love for orphans" By - Steven Curtis Chapman

The article “Our tragedy and God's love for orphans” highlights the growing consern over the number of orphans in our world. According to author Steven Curtis Chapman “There are 143 million children in the world who have lost one or both parents.” Chapman also says “In America alone, there are half a million children in foster care, and approximately 120,000 of these children are waiting to be adopted.” Children are often orphaned or abandoned because of poverty, disabilities and disease. Every 15 seconds a child loses a parent because of AIDs. The author tells us his own opinion on the topic “My wife and I had always supported the idea of adoption, and as Christians, we understood the importance of loving and caring for others. But what I had not yet grasped was that adoption is a physical picture of what Jesus has done for me. I did nothing to deserve God's love; in fact, I was living as an orphan, without hope. Yet God chose to pursue a relationship with me, and through the death of his son Jesus, I was adopted into God's family.” This article states that people need to consider the benefits of adoption.
Throughout your childhood years you dream of having a big family when you grew up. When you are an orphan you dream of being a part of a big family. The author uses a strong opinion that catches the reader’s attention, and pulls them into the article. “Caring for these children is not the job of governments or institutions; instead, it is the job of families, people and communities” Chapman says. Steven also points out “We can each do something, whether it is donating, adopting, fostering, mentoring, visiting orphans or supporting families that have taken in orphans. You can change the world for an orphan” This reader supports this article because it is importaint to care for other people.

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